Today began with a two-hour walking tour of Notting Hill. The tour guide (Tom) is a barrister during the week, but prefers doing this. He’s definitely got the personality for it. I’m taking a couple more walking tours with this company (London Walks) and am really looking forward to it. The highlight of the tour was when Tom pointed out where Annie Lennox lives. Unlike s lot of her very wealthy neighbors, she takes out her own trash and recycling.

The end of the walk left us at the Portobello Road street market. It was insanely packed and I had to leave quickly, but not before getting one of these:

From there, I walked down to the Victoria and Albert museum. I failed to reserve s ticket for the Pink Floyd exhibit, but that’s ok. I’d rather not spend £24 on it. The museum offers a lot for free (most of the museums in London are free):

On the way back to the hotel, I walked through Hyde Park. I can see why it’s so well-loved:

There’s a flock of Indian Ringneck Parrots that live in the park. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have brought fruit for them.

A statue of Peter Pan: