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Last Day in DC

After destroying breakfast, I headed to the National Geographic Museum for their exhibit on Ancient Greece. It was great, but no photos allowed. Use your imagination. Think “300” without the special effects, violence, rape, or deformities.

Afterwards I stopped by and had coffee with Barack, Michelle, and the girls. Talked about stuff. You know, the usual things. A nice time was had by all.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
I made it to he airport and through security quickly. I’m having a preflight meal at Max & Erma’s. There’s a guy at a table behind me that is playing music on his phone, mostly disco and light pop from the 70’s.He plays each song for no more than a minute, more often 20 seconds or less. He seems to like disco, so it’s not all bad, right? At first I was annoyed but after I thought about, I wonder if he’s ever heard these songs before. It’s a very surreal experience.

Fly Me To The Moon

Rockets at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC

The Air & Space Museum was great. Although in all fairness, I ignored the “air” portion of it (sorry Randy). It’s just not that interesting to me, except for this balloon:

Model of a dirigible at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC

Otherwise, it was all about that space:

lunar landerDiscovery explorer vehicleMars rover

Bond, James Bond

After the trip to Spain, I realized I needed to build up my frequent flier account a bit, so I’m here in DC for the weekend. The International Spy Museum has an exhibit of “50 Years of Bond Villains.” It does not disappoint.

James Bond villains exhibit at International Spy MuseumReplica of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5Next up, the Air & Space Museum.

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