Today we went on a tour of Toledo and Segovia. Toledo is a fortified city an hourish south of Madrid. We started our tour in the Jewish Quarter and made our way to the main plaza. It was tough to take photos because the streets are so narrow and turned at sharp angles. During the Roman era, Toledo was the source of all of their weaponry.

The tower of Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de ToledoArmor and weapons

After Toledo, we went to Segovia, which is an hourish north of Madrid. Here, you’ll find two things:

#1, the home of the worlds best preserved Roman Aquaduct. In theory, it’s still functional, but it’s no longer in use to help preserve it.

#2 roast suckling pig. They use the same recipe that the Romans brought with them 2,000 years ago when the Romans occupied this part of Spain. Amazing.

Roast suckling pig