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Greetings from Westeros 

Today’s adventure took us to see the famous Water Gardens of Dorne (aka Seville’s Alcazar).

Alcazar of Seville gardenAlcazar of Seville gardenAlcazar of Seville fountainCistern at the Alcazar of Seville

Barely escaping with our lives, we fled for the (relative) safety of Plaza de España.

Fountain view from Plaza España Cat sleeping in empty drain pipe

Another scorcher

I don’t know how anyone can live in Seville. It’s nearly 9pm and it’s still 90. Too damned hot.

Earlier today we walked around a bit and saw a bit of the city. We had to head back to the hotel at 2pm to get out of the heat. We’ll follow the same strategy tomorrow but will likely head back earlier as the expected high is close to 100.

Archivo de Indias
Archivo de IndiasArchivo de Indias


So far, I don’t have anything nice to say about this city. Our Airbnb host didn’t respond to any of our emails or phone calls and never showed up to give us keys. After waiting in a bar for 1.5 hours, we booked a hotel and moved on. Airbnb was great about issuing a refund and even gave me a credit. On top of all that, it’s really f’ing hot! Really. F’ing. Hot. 97 today, and 99 the next two days. Ugh. Get your act together, Sevilla.

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