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San Sebastián again and again

In San Sebastián there is an old air raid siren at midday to signal siesta time. The first time I heard it, it kinda freaked me out. Early tomorrow, we catch the train to Madrid for more fun!

Playa la conchaPlaya la conchaOrnate lamp post

A change of seasons

Yesterday when we arrived in San Sebastián, it was 60F, overcast, and dreary. No one was outside. A lot like Seattle. Today, it’s 70F, sunny, and an absolute delight. Our apartment is a block away from the old town. There are a LOT of restaurants there and s couple of major plazas. Right now, there’s a performance of “Carmen” going on. Earlier, there was a rally for the Syrian refugees and Basque separatists. Overnight, it’s a totally different world.

Amnesty & freedom


It’s also a beautiful day at the beach.

Deeper into the Basque Country

Today we took the bus from Bilbao to San Sebastián. It’s cold, windy, and gray. It’s like being at home except I don’t understand what the hell these people are saying. I’m tired and am going to stay in and read tonight.

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