Today’s adventure took us to Figueres to see the Salvador Dalí museum. Unfortunately, there were so many people here that taking photos here was extremely difficult. We were among the first groups to arrive and it was at capacity right away. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the museum. If you get the chance, you should definitely visit. It’ll blow your mind.

Following that, the magic bus took us to Cadaqués for lunch, then we continued on to Dalí’s home in Port Lligat (the eastern most point in Spain).

At the Dalí Theatre-MuseumAt the Dalí Theatre-Museum
At the Dalí Theatre-Museum
At the Dalí Theatre-Museum

Cadaqués is considered the eastern most point in mainland Spain. Dalí and other artists used to vacation here. I can see why.


This view is from Dalí’s home in Port Lligat.