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Puppy time!

Say hello to Puppy, the official mascot of Bilbao. He’s a 43ft topiary of a West Highland Terrier and the most colorful dog I’ve ever seen. He’s outside the main entrance of the Guggenheim, standing guard against bad art.

Puppy at at Guggenheim Bilbao


There are a number of other cool installations around the museum as well:

Tulips at at Guggenheim BilbaoTower of silver balls at at Guggenheim BilbaoSpider by Louise Bourgeois at at Guggenheim Bilbao

After the Guggenheim, we went to lunch:

Bread, cheese, and beerGrilled chicken saladMushroom risotto

and then went to the Basque history museum. Like any good regional history museum, it has a number of interesting exhibits and is fun for the whole family.

Also, if you need a ride to Middle Earth, Bilbao’s got you covered:


Bilbao – where the 90’s live on

Basque flag

After a 7-hour train ride from Barcelona, we arrived in Bilbao: home of the Guggenheim and Puppy (pics and info tomorrow). It’s an odd little town, but I like it. I haven’t seen this many copy and print shops since the mid-90’s. The apartment we rented is great. Lots of space, wifi, laundry, a terrace (we’re on the fifth floor), and smack dab in the middle of the red light district. Whoops.

Like Barcelona, Spanish is the second language here – Euskada is the primary language in Basque Country. All we’ve really done so far is walk around the old town and drink some beer. Not a bad day. Also, I saw these:

Street art in BilbaoStreet art in BilbaoClaudio door art

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