Marc, Deb, and I hit the road early to go to the annual lavender festival in Sequim. None of us had been before, so it was a great trip. The drive up from Tacoma is nice, particularly once you get past the Hood Canal Bridge. There was a street festival in downtown Sequim where you could buy the usual sort of stuff, but it was largely purple and/or lavender scented. The real reason to go was to see the lavender farms. The first stop was Kitty B’s Lavender Farm. They did a great job of planning it out and it made for a nice visit. Much bees. Very buzz.


Next stop was Olympic Game Farm. It’s a drive-through animal park like Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon (if you’re familiar with that). They have yaks, llamas, bears, deer, goats, big cats, bison, and yes, elk. The first few sections of the park was pretty mellow. You buy loaves of bread and feed the animals, it’s cool. Until you get to the elk and bison. They were cuckoo for cocoa puffs. You’d think that the bread was crack they way they were acting. 1,000lb bison ran up to your car to get a slice of bread from you and acted like it was the first thing they had to eat in days.

The elk were just as bad, if not worse. Being the athletic creatures they are, they would run along side the car trying to get more bread from you. One elk had his head fully within my car and sneezed. Venison, anyone?

We concluded the trip by visiting the goats in the petting zoo. They gave no shits about humans and ignored us. I’m ok with this because I didn’t get sneezed on.

The last stop was at another lavender farm. Not quite as nicely laid out as Kitty B’s, but it was still nice to see so much purple.